- about us -

A few years back, we got our first ever puppy! She was a Pembroke Welsh Corgi!

We knew nothing about being a first time pet-parent. From the puppy interaction and deciding to bring her home, It was all very 'transactional'.

Having a puppy for the first time is definitely overwhelming and we want to help first time pet-parent with choosing the right furry companion for them.

It's important to us that potential pet owners are fully aware that having a pet is a life-long commitment. We emphasise on responsible pet ownership and that pets should never be bought impulsively - especially with the rise of pets being put up for adoption nowadays.

We strive to provide the best care we can for our puppies, and that includes a well-balanced diet, daily playtime and exposure to sounds and other animals.

Our puppies are often playmates with our residential cats!

Our values & goals -

To only provide the best puppies and work with the best breeders. Over the years, we have seen numerous articles discussing and exposing the dark underbelly of puppy mills.

It is important to us that our breeders breed for quality and not quantity.