about us

A few years back, we got our first pupper.

We knew nothing about being a first time pet-parent. Obviously, we didn't do our own research and the pet shop wasn't very helpful. It was all very 'transactional'.

Thus we started our own little pet shop - where we can help first time pet-parent with their new puppy.

the journey so far

Definitely wasn't smooth sailing all the time but It has been so, so so fulfilling! Especially when the owners constantly share updates of their puppers.

It's always hard to say good bye to the little ones but when we know they're in good hands, we're beyond happy for them!

our values

We only provide the best & work with the best breeders.

Our puppies: rarely in a caged environment. Most of the time they are free roaming in our premise - hence their energy is very well spreaded out.

Our breeder: with over 20 years of experience, mainly breeds bernedoodles and goldendoodles.

Puppies begin socializing at the age of 3 days old! Not only are they exposed to bigger dogs, they are also exposed to cats and alpacas. How exciting!